I partnered with Waft to designed my own scent, and it was a great experience, and guess what? with WAFT you can do it too, there is nothing more personalized that creating your own perfume yourself.

Learning to accept, heal and love myself has been a beautiful path, one that I’m still working on. I realized creating my own fragrance was a great starting point on my new discoveries so I wanted to share this experience with you!

- Express Your Preference
Take a short discovery journey to let WAFT know your favorite moods, scents, and the moments you want to enhance.

- Personalize Your Message
Enter our design studio to make your work of art truly yours by naming your fragrance and personalizing your bottle.

- Receive Your Creation
Sit back and relax... you’ve made your new scent. WAFT will follow up with an email that will let you know when your package is on it’s way!

In your package, you receive

2 companion scents:

1 (5ml) bottle to compliment your main scent which can be worn alone or layered with your main scent to create yet another unique aroma.
1 (5ml) bottle which is a mini version of my very own custom fragrance. I am sure we would layer well together :)


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